Bezier Curves Tool

Could we get the functionality of the Bezier Curves tool in SketchUp added to the core code of SketchUp Shop and SketchUp Free? Please? I know the web version of SketchUp doesn’t support extensions, but could it not be added to the core code?



Thanks for the suggestion, Joe- I can see how that would be useful in your woodworking projects. As always, I can’t promise we’ll be able to get to this right away, but we’re launching new features all the time.


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Thanks for listening John.


Drawing curves is basic, ridiculous this feature doesn’t exist

Forum guideline basics: ‘are you adding something new to the discussion?’
Instead of calling something ‘ridiculous’ can you elaborate why you think this is a basic feature?

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All relevant description was included in the first post, I just liked that post and added one of mine to emphasize that I think that curves are a basic feature that should be included in the web edition. Last post here is from 3 months ago so sometimes threads needs to revive.

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I agree with jpz. Not all curves are sections of a circle, but that’s what all the current curve tools produce. It would be good to have a bezier curve tool in the lineup. The best analogy I can think of is adding the rotated rectangle tool to complement the rectangle tool.

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How did you make this post?

I too desperately need a bezier curve tool. It is standard in every other drawing and CAD program so it’s pretty disappointing and crippling that it is not available in SketchUp Free.

I’m just curious why you are so desperate for this tool.

If you really are desperate, you could use a desktop client version of SketchUp while you wait.

That’s what I’ve done. I thought the web version was supposed to replace it. I design stuff that happens to have curves so it is essential for my work. I just thought that bezier curve tools were pretty standard and am genuinely surprised that it is not included here.

It will eventually. It’s getting new features added all the time.

If you are using SketchUp for your work, you need to be using sketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop. The free versions are not licensed for work.

There’s never been a native Bezier tool in any version of SketchUp so it’s not unique to the web-based versions.

I need this tool as well and am not desperate, but would benefit very much from some extensions such as for example the curve tools or bevel edges. I DO PAY for the online version and would prefer to have the desktop version, even paying for it, but i use LINUX/UBUNTU and there is no desktop version. so, as a paying client and a client willing to pay more for extras if needed i request the integration of some extensions!

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I feel your pain. Few curves in the real world are are circles or circular based arcs. Just look at an automobile and see if you find circles or circular arcs. Good luck!

That may be technically true, but to the user it is not true. The Bezier Curves tool, written by the SketchUp Team, has been in SketchUp Make and Pro for quite a few years. Though it is implemented as an extension and not in the core code, the user does not know the difference and to consistently point that difference without a distinction from a user’s point of view is not helpful. There is no reason why this simple tool could not be added to the core code of the on-line version.

We keep hearing about all the additions and changes being made to the on-line versions, but I see precious few. This would be a good one. Attached is an example that would be difficult to model in the on-line version.

p.s. The appliances are not mine but downloaded from the warehouse.


The Bezier Curves tool that was developed by the SketchUp team was never included in the download package. It has always required the user to install it.

Another difference without distinction. What is it about people wanting this feature in the web version that bothers you? Is it that you don’t want it? I can’t figure out if you are trying to be helpful or argumentative. Why can’t you just let people register their desire for this feature and leave it at that?


Where did you get the idea that it bothers me that people want this feature in the web version? The fact is, I think it would be a great idea to include it in the web version.I only stated the fact that SketchUp has never included a Bezier tool natively in any version. I never said they shouldn’t. I’m also fine with people making feature requests. That’s how good ideas get incorporated into the program. If you think that’s being argumentative, I can’t help that.


The problem with Bezier-type tools in SketchUp is that when you finish drawing a curve, it is no longer a real curve but a series of connected edges. I know the developers resist making SketchUp too technical, but I cannot help that an application with a much clunkier interface but where three types of geometry (NURBS, Quad and mesh) happily coexist sometimes pops into my mind.
I seem to remember that Fredo6’s bezier tool has some editability.

Oops, I didn’t intend to dig an old thread from its grave. It had popped to the top of my topic list.