What happend to curve tool?

Hi all i’m learning sketchup.
From some old tutorial videos i saw curve tool by line tool on tool bar, quite obvious.
In 2019 pro i couldn’t find curve tool, only arc tools which don’t suit my need,
I understand there are bezier curve extensions. But i don’t understand why sketchup took this tool out of their basic tool set.
Could someone explain the reason? Thanks.

There’s never been a Bezier curve or other curve tool in the native SketchUp tools. The 2-Point Arc tool has been around since the beginning and still exists and a few versions back, the Arc and Pie tools were added. There’s also the native Freehand tool which has been around forever.

Maybe you could get a screen shot showing the tool you saw and we can help you figure out which one it is.

Your profile says you are using the web based SsketchUp Free but also says SketchUp Pro. Which one are you actually using?