Bezier curves for Web Go (Me too)

I’ve been using Sketchup Make for a very long time. I am very happy to see that Trimble has finally recognized that for individual craftsmen and hobbyists a subscription model costing hundreds of dollars a year is just not practical. I think the pricing for Sketchup GO is finally within reach for most of us. Good job!!

However, the very first thing I tried to do on the free version to see if I wanted to take the plunge and sign up for a subscription was a drawing using bezier curves. No joy. Literally everything I design uses non-circular curves. So, I’m going to add my voice to those requesting this feature, and identify it as the single obstacle to me becoming a customer and user of Sketchup GO.

I’ll check back in occasionally to see if this has been implemented.


Hi Steve. Nice that you also noticed the absence of this function!

Hopefully, the developers of SketchUp will read along and see that this isn’t the first feature request on this topic. See my request on September 1 (Feature request - Bezier curves tool for Web Go).

Yes. It was surprising that since 2017 with the last Sketchup Make version this hasn’t been added natively after 5 years of development. There is so much to like about Sketchup from a practical standpoint for designers and builders, but the lack of this feature forces us to go to products like Fusion 360 or FreeCAD which have much steeper learning curves and capabilities far beyond the requirements of many of us. Parametric modeling is pretty slick, but do we need it for the kind of design work we do with Sketchup? No.