Profile Builder Assembly height

Hi, I have a problem in Profile Builder 3
with some assembliess I can change overall height, some not
Does anyone had the same problem, how can I fix this?

Check the manual:

Which says:

If your assembly has sub-assemblies, they need to have their height adjusted individually in addition to the parent assembly.

As well, we have this feature covered well in our training videos:


Thank you for the quick reply, I have read the manual, watched all the instruction videos and searched the forums,
however in my question I clearly stated that some assemblies change and some not
examples in .att
Thanks in advances for your suggestions.SPLINE200.skp (70.8 KB) SPLINE200.skp (70.8 KB)

sry, the attachments in the first (136.7 KB) reply are the same, SPLINE200 is not changing height, the one wich does change here in .att
SIP200 U CO.skp (136.7 KB)

The reason your assembly cannot have its height modified as that there is no geometry above the assembly path line.

When PB3 stretches an assembly it creates an imaginary plane between the assembly path line and the highest point of your assembly. Then, it stretches the geometry upwards or shrinks it downwards from this plane.

Since you have no geometry above the path line, this does not work.

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whaat, this did the trick, thanks very much for your help

You are most welcome. If you have more questions, best to submit a request at our Help Desk:

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