Buy profile builder 2 finish then how to buy license 1,2 rbz


Help me pleased


Your question is not clear to me. I bought PB2 and the license was provided as part of the transaction as I recall. What exactly are you asking for help with?


Dear Sketchup Team
Today I buy PB2 done, After that I can not install
Help me please how to do
Thank you


Hi Thom,

If you purchased Profile Builder 2 and are having a problem, the best bet is to contact the extension creator correctly to get help.


I recall @Whaat reporting some issues with licences not being forwarded in a timely fashion by Extension Warehouse…

but i may be wrong…



this article says it all:

Unfortunately, I think we are dealing with a difficult language barrier.


Thank you
I will connect and ask how to do


@thomgeal, Whaat who replied above is the extension creator…
did you look at the linked article in his post?


I already have billing but can not install ?
I waiting answers