Profile builder 2 with sketchup pro 2017


Unable to access profile builder 2 in sketchup pro 2017
I have a license purchased from the extension store in January this year which has been working well with sketchup pro 2016
I have added it to sketchup pro 2017
The extension manager indicates that I have purchased the extension but I when I attempt to use it a message appears telling me there is no valid license
I can’t find a license key anywhere
Any help in resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated


You should probably contact the author directly.

Did you get an e-mail with licensing information. Maybe hunt back through from when you bought it originally.

Profile Builder 2 does work with SU2017 so once you get your key and install it, you should find it ready to go.


I have resolved the issue by contacting the author as you suggested.
Profile Builder 2 is working well with SU 2017