V2018 - plugin license not working anymore in V2017?

I installed V2018 including all plugins (free and commercial). I just noticed though, Profile Builder 2 (commercial) isn’t working anymore in V2017; ‘a valid license could not be found etc’.
I logged off my profile - restarted SketchUp - logged in again and still, my PB2 license is not valid.

Could this be because PB2 is installed in V2018 already? I can’t migrate all my running projects from 2017 to 2018 yet until I have tested it with a new project.

Any solutions? Anyone can confirm this?

Are the installations on the same machine or different machines?

same machine

Did you install via the extension warehouse?

you got me thinking… just de-installed PB2 in V2017 - restart SU - install PB2 - and it works again in both V17 and V18. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Are joe coming toe the evoluon, next week?

Yes - can’t wait - will be great

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