Problems with subtracting solids



I am trying to combine two groups using the Subtract option. However, the results are quite unfavorable.friction hinge.skp (248.4 KB)



The components were too small by the looks of things.

When I scaled them to 10x and performed the subtract, all worked as expected. I then scaled back down to complete task.

I suspect it is because there were too may segments on your arcs for the size of the components.

Please find attached.

friction hinge REV01.skp (189.2 KB)



Duly noted. I will give that a try when I get to office, and will inform if I get through.



friction hinge.skp (294.6 KB)
so I increased my model size (friction hinge is supposed to be around 8"), but the solids are not subtracting properly i.e. getting some weird lines, especially by the curved areas, being shown.



Have you tried scaling the original model you attached by 10x? and then scaling back to your required size?
The lines that you describe were present when attempting to scale the original but this was not an issue when I increased the model size by 10.

A work around maybe but it seemed to allow the subtract to be carried out properly.

As mentioned it could your segment lengths on your arc that are the issue. Try increase the scale again, you can always scale back down.



I haven’t looked at your model but size can be a problem, have a look here.

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It worked. Thanks for the assistance.

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