Problem with plugins errors

Hi Sketchup friend,

I’ve had a very frustrating day. Apparently, my 2019 SU has issues with some plugins. I don’t even have that many as I am just beginning to venture into that world. Here is a screen shot of the errors. This hasn’t been a big deal for me until now. The errors you see below are plugins I don’t even use. But, I’ve been trying all day to download and install/use Profile builder 3 and it shows up in this list of errors. I’ve repaired the installation of SU. I’ve uninstalled SU and reinstalled it and all comes up with the same issues. Is there any one who can shed some light on this issue??
Doc1.pdf (155.7 KB)

ALL those errors come from load attempts of Trimble’s prepackaged extensions.

This happens usually when there are path problems.

When installing SketchUp on Windows, login with a normal user (not an Admin account), point to the installer executable, right-click and choose “Run as administrator”. IF SketchUp is already installed you’ll get a “Repair” option. Use this. Otherwise just choose the “Install” option.

You should also avoid strange unicode character’s in your username, as such characters will appear in file paths. SketchUp is having problems with some characters in the path to the plugins.

Thanks Dan,

I have done this multiple times to no avail. I’m not sure what you mean by " avoid strange unicode character’s in your username". My username is very simple.

Just so you know that you are not the first to encounter this problem …

Of the topic threads on this issue, this thread had the most activity …

SU2017 New Install with Load Errors on Plugins

Several of the participants (in that thread) were able to create a temporary “test” user account, on their computer, that could load the shipped extensions without the RBE/RBS file read errors.
This points to their usual user account as having something corrupt.

My aunt once had some malware corrupt her user account and some things would not run, etc.
I had to copy all her files, bookmarks, settings (etc.) and email archives to the public folders, then delete her account, and recreate it. Lastly copy all her “stuff” back to where it belonged.

I mean choose from the printable characters in the ASCII set when creating a Windows user account.