Pro will not start

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Hi my name is Leo. I have purchased Pro, used it but now I can’t access it.

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What operating system? What graphics card? What happens when you try to run SketchUp? Did you install SketchUp correctly?

I am using Mac OS 12.6. The Sketchup logo on the bottom tool bar is no longer there but the Pro down load shows in my finder down loads.

Please correct your forum profile. It isn’t even close to correct on the operating system.
Screenshot - 10_10_2022 , 12_02_54 PM

This implies to me that you never actually installed SketchUp. See the following link for directions to install SketchUp.

I believe that Pro was installed. The down load shows in the down load list in Finder. The Sketchup icon was in the docking bar at the bottom of the screen. I used Pro yesterday but today the icon was gone from the docking bar and I have no way of opening Sketchup. Why did the icon disappear?

That doesn’t mean it was installed. Only that it’s been downloaded. Read the instructions at the link I provided and follow them now.

That and your belief that SketchUp was installed because the DMG file is in your Downloads folder are the thhings that imply you didn’t actually install SketchUp. You just ran it from the .dmg file.

I reinstalled the application folder. The icon reappeared and Sketchup opened. Thanks for your help Dave.

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Did you dragged the SketchUp icon from left to right into that of the Applications folder icon in the appearing panel?

That way, it is installed correctly.
One can dock the icon in the bottom by rightclicking on it and choose for the right option or drag it to the left next to other more permanently icons.

Hi Mike, I did what Dave suggested and everting worked out fine.
Cheers, Leonardus

Something useful to know about the Dock is that there are icons towards the right end that are applications that you have used recently, and there are icons towards the left that are ones that you have chosen to keep in the Dock. In Windows it’s the same as pin to taskbar.

When you open a newly installed application, its icon will appear in the right end of the Dock. You can drag that icon into whatever position you prefer, in the left section of the Dock, and it will still be showing after you have closed the application.

Sometimes, after reinstalling an application, the icon in the left area can get disconnected from the application. That happens in Windows as well. If you open an application after reinstalling it, and you see its icon in the right area of the Dock, and also in the left area, look for which one has a dot under it. Like this:


The one on the right is the one that you just opened, the one on the left may be an old icon that is now disconnected from its application. You can get rid of the old icon by dragging it away from the Dock, and then drag the new icon from the recent area on the right, into the left area of the Dock. That way you can be sure that when you click on the icon later, it will be opening the newly installed version.

Thanks Colin, I learned something again.
Cheers, Leo