Double Docked App (won't run from icon)


I am a PC user and the designer I am doing a side job for is a Mas user and I do not have much Mac experience. I have been teaching her how to use Sketchup Make 2017, the desk top app and we noticed the app has been placed in the dock twice. Also, the docked app won’t open sketch-up, I still have to go in through her applications and click specifically on Sketchup Make 2017. My PC is not this difficult so I can’t imagine that it has to be this way on the Mac. Please help!!

Have her check to see what those icons in the dock are pointing to.

Is your profile up to date?

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Okay I will, I just created this profile so that I could ask that question since there isn’t a phone number available for customer service.

SketchUp Pro users have access to a phone number they could call or other ways to get official support. Make users don’t get that access, though. Make isn’t licensed for commercial use, either.

Sound like you have disconnected dock icons or broken aliases. Take both icons and drag them to the top of the screen then let them go. They should disappear in a cloud of smoke. Now there are no Sketchup icons in the dock. Then open the Sketchup you want to link, once it’s open go to the icon in the dock, right click and choose keep in dock. Or just drag the icon to a new position in the dock which will also make it stay there. Done.


Yup!! This is why I am asking on the forum, she wanted me to teach her Sketch-up to see if she liked it before purchasing Sketch-up Pro. Thank you for your help!

Thank you so much!! I will definitely try this tomorrow when I am there to see how this works

Or right-click the dock icon and uncheck Options / Keep in Dock.

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You can command-click on an icon in the Dock and it will open the file’s location. For SketchUp icons that are currently good, that will jump you into the right folder. SketchUp Make 2017 for example. If the icon is no longer connected to anything, it will get a question mark.

It’s similar to how task bar icons turn white when you install a new version of something.

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thank you!!!

thank you so much!! i will try this

Thank you all for your responses!! This has been very helpful, I will post tomorrow or the next day about which solution worked (or which ones)