Sketchup Pro 2017 on MAC Catalina - strange behavior after re-start from MAC

Hello to you all!
I’ve recently changed from PC to MAC and still getting used to differences in Sketchup – but that is something I have to live with now. :upside_down_face:

But what really drives me crazy is following:

I have MacOS Catalina and Sketchup PRO 2017.

Made a license transfer and actually Sketchup works (except that it crashed 2 times after a start) – BUT:

Every time after re-start from MAC the Sketchup and Layout icons in Dock are not available (just a question mark) and I have to launch Sketchup again over Applications and wait until it runs a “checking process”.

If I do not re-start MAC the icons stay in Dock and I can start Sketchup directly.

What could be wrong? Any idea how to solve this?

And second question – is the update to 2020 worth it? (I had a pay-it- once version so really not sure about changing to a yearly subscription).

Thank a lot in advance and BR from Vienna


I’ve not heard of your issue specifically, but SketchUp Pro 2017 isn’t assured to be compatible with macOS Catalina (Trimble doesn’t update old versions of SketchUp for newer OS versions).

There have been a lot of improvements since 2017. In my opinion, yes the upgrade is worthwhile.

This the classic license. You do not need to switch to a subscription license, but you may need to catch up on your maintenance & support fees. (120/yr)

If you paid for 2017 Pro, you’d have already paid the M & S that allows you to receive a 2018 Pro license.
Go through the renewal portal.

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