I purchased Pro but when I open the modelling widow it seems that it did not down load

I purchased Pro but when I open the modelling widow it seems that it did not down load.

Did you download SketchUp Pro and install it?

What operating system does your computer use? “14.0” does not identify it. If you purchased SketchUp Pro, please correct your forum profile. It says you are using SketchUp Free (web).

I use OS 12.6. Yes, I think I did down load Pro and paid for it. Where do I correct my forum profile?

Once you’ve downloaded it you need to install it. See the following:

Click on the L in the green circle in the upper right corner of the forum page. Click on the person icon and then the gear icon.

I corrected my profile, thanks. I downloaded the file and installed it. See the two images . In the first image, I moved the SketchUp folder to the Applications folder and when I repeated it the message said that the folder already existed.

Still need to fix your operating system. It still shows “14.6” It should be “Mac OS 12.6”.

You only need to do it once. Now when you look in Applications you should see SketchUp listed there and you should be able to open it.

Will do. Thanks Dave for your help

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Please clarify. What exactly do you do to open the modeling window? Can you provide a screenshot of what you then see? Did you sign in to let the app find your subscription license?

Hi Steve,
Here is the screen shot of the modelling window.

After you bought it, make sure you have assigned it to the right email address.
Check this in a browser and go to myaccount.trimble.com

Check the Member section, first.

Once the ‘product access’ column behind the email has the right product, go back to the SketchUp app, [menu] Help > signout (emailaddress) and sign back in and be sure to use the right email address.

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