Printing from Layout colour off and fuzzy lines

trying to print from layout, I have been doing this for years with no trouble. Recently upgraded my pc and now Layout displays the same but prints with slightly hatched lines but only seems to do it to the lines running the long axis of the sheet of paper (A3 OR A4). I have reinstalled printer drivers and the printer works fine with all other programs. It also seems to be printing in different colours to the screen and drawing display!
Any Ideas greatly appreciated. Thanks

What do you see if you export to PDF and then print the PDF?

What you describe sounds like a printer problem. The print head travels across the short dimension of the paper so uneveness in the printing in the long direction could happen if there’s an issue at the print head. You aren’t low on ink are you? Maybe the print head needs to be cleaned?

thanks for getting in touch Dave
If I export to PDF it looks the same. All Inks etc are fine plus works fine on all other prints.
I have tried printing on two different but the same model printers (the same results)
if I open the sketchup document on my laptop then export to layout and print on the same printer then all is as it should be (colours and lines are fine).
If I print the page from Sketchup directly then and not through layout then the same fuzzy/zig zag lines appear (only just tried this so perhapse Sketchup is the source of the problem and not layout). However through my laptop there are no problems even with the same file.
any other ideas or knowledge of settings within sketchup that might help?
Many Thanks

Do you see it in Print Preview, too?

Can you share the LayOut file?

Test Layout file.layout (767.9 KB)
please see the layout file attached

You cant see the faults in the preview

What do you have for settings in OpenGL in SketchUp’s Preferences?

What happens if you render the viewport as Vector?

Does this one print any differently?
Test Layout file revised.layout (1.5 MB)

4x is the setting in open GL settings along with “fast feedback” selected.

The above is and image of the end result of the print.
I am not sure how to render the viewport as vector (I dont normally have to do anything other than export to layout, organise on the page and print).

the print on this one looks the same but a little less bold on the lines

That looks like you’re getting pixelization because you have the viewport rendered as Raster. You would get a raster print out of SketchUp, too. In the LO file I posted I have the viewport rendered as Vector.

I changed the style so the edges aren’t so heavy.

And what happens if you export the file I uploaded to PDF and print that one?

Are the graphics drivers up to date? Don’t let Windows tell you. Go to the Nvidia site and get the latest drivers to install.

You get decent raster prints if you use High resolution for the output quality setting.


I have just exported a pdf of the layout file you sent back and then printed it (took a while as the cartridges ran out, having a good day!). the print is the same as if it were printed directly from layout with the fuzzy lines.
As a work around I can use my laptop but it would be great to get to the bottom of this.
How would I adjust my Viewport settings to Vector?

Since you are getting different results on different machines, I would be inclined to suspect the graphics drivers on your desktop machine. Is the graphics card you listed in your profile the one in your desktop machine or in the laptop? If in the laptop, what is the graphics card in the desktop computer?

In the Sketchup Model panel in the tray on the right side in LayOut.

The Card listed is on my desktop, and sadly the viewport settings in Layout are already set to Vector

Did you go to the Nvidia site and get their latest drivers for your card to install?

In the file you uploaded the viewport was set to Raster render. I set it to Vector in the file I uploaded.

Massive thankyou for all the help, I think it is now sorted!
I have just gone into window,model info, Rendering, and turned off “Use Anti-Aliased Textures”. I have no idea what this function does but it seems to have solved the problem.
And it has solved it both in Sketchup and Layout both in black and white and colour.
never would have found it without your help.
Much appreciated.

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That reinforces my suspicion of the graphics drivers being the problem.