Problem Printing from LayOut

Okay so I should clarify that I’m not a sketchup expert. Rather, I use it when I need to. I’ve completed a model and I’m trying to print from LayOut but it only prints a blank paper. I’ve triple checked that it’s not a problem with the paper sizing.

I’ve recently updated to 2016, but used LayOut quite frequently without issue on my previous Sketchup version.

Can anyone provide me with some assistance? LayOut is very intuitive and helpful, but unless I can solve this I will not use it again.


Nevermind…I’m an idiot. I was looking at the title page that was blank. Page 2 had my layout on it.

I’ll slowly see myself out…


No need to. My first forum question was about finding the DWG import options. I was told to press the Options button (on the Import dialog). I almost wrote an angry post claiming the non-existence of such a button, but luckily I took a second look first.