Layout not printing or exporting

Hi, I’m new to sketch up and after recently completing a course I’ve completed a garden model that I’m really happy with and spent ages on.
I can print and export it from sketchup it transfers fine to layout but if I try to print or export it the rainbow spinning wheel just goes on and on and I have to force quit the app.

There are plant files from the warehouse, I deleted them all and then it would print, but as a garden designer this kind of defeats the idea of learning sketchup.

Any help would be appreciated


Probably you have LayOut set to render all the Raster viewports as Hybrid prior to printing or exporting. Turn off the override in Document Setup>Rendering.
Screenshot - 12_12_2023 , 11_00_06 AM

Thanks so much, that worked straight away.

After spending all day messing about I’m so grateful !