Sketchup Style Not printing into from Layout

I am having difficulty printing the style that I have imported into Layout from Sketchup. I have POS Vignette2 selected from sketchup but when I print or export as a pdf or image file it is not the same at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

BRADSHAW.layout (7.4 MB)

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got set up.

I would guess you need to untick the Override box in Document Setup>Rendering and make sure your viewports using that style are rendered as Raster.

I added it to my post

So you have the Output Override box ticked which would make LayOut render the viewports as Hybrid (vector line work) so you would lose the sketchy style in the viewports.

Turn that off to leave the viewports rendered as Raster in the export.

This is a screenshot from the PDF I got after unticking the box.

Just a comment on the sketchy line styles. The sketchy strokes are raster images that are aligned over the SketchUp line work. In order for them to show in LayOut the viewports must be rendered as Raster. Both Vector and Hybrid render the edges as vector lines.

It’s kind of a neat illustration. I like that look.

Thanks so much Dave this worked perfectly

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