Sketchup 2023.1 Layout export PDF BUG

Since the sketchup 2023.1 update, it is not possible to export to PDF or print to PDF from Layout. How do you fix it please?

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I’m not experiencing this – PDF export is as expected.

Can you offer any more details – some screenshots ?

The export of the file remains blocked on page 2 and continues to run indefinitely, we are forced to stop it by ending the task.
We tried to print to PDF via Microsoft print to PDF, but we have the same result.
We encounter this problem on all our computers et with differents files

where we have done the update (sketchup 2023.1 FR for windows 64) ![capture 1|690x280](upload://w0yt4axUO4uDEJm080g5UCeagJt.png)

The new LayOut has a new export rendering override feature that exports all raster-rendered viewports as Vector or Hybrid. By default this is turned On for all old documents. Try turning it off prior to exporting, vector rendering large models is very, very slow.

How can it be deactivated

document infos.

the one where you can change your paper size, auto text and drawing scales.

ok it works, thank you very much

This is how it looks like when I open an old document in the new LayOut:


same too, how to fix problem?

Read this thread.

Your profile says you are using the “Free Plan” of SketchUp. That is a web based version and has no access to LayOut. f you are actually using SketchUp Pro with LayOut please correct your forum profile.

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