Printing Issue in Layout

Can anybody help with print issue. I can print perfectly direct from SketchUp but when I print from Layout the horizontal lines are hatched and colour areas only shown as different shades of grey.
Have new laptop with Nvidia RTX 3000 Graphics.

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Upload the model so we can see what is going on, otherwise, it is just guessing.

TURNER_DESIGN PROPOSAL_14.04.22.skp (11.1 MB)
Model attached. Not the same as the one I was using (slightly smaller model, but same outcome.

Any chance of sharing the LO file, too?

The LO file for this project is too large to send you here 28KB. Can you advise, or is there another way I could send to you, perhaps WeTransfer?

We Transfer or Drop Box and share the link.

Are the dark areas you’re seeing like this?

That is caused by the Shadow settings you’ve applied in the Sketchup Model panel. Resetting them fixes it.


Inoticed that you have modified the Shadow setting and Style setting for every viewport in the document. You should look at that and probably reset those. I also notice that every single viewport shows that the Camera properties have been modified from the camera properties in the SketchUp scenes. That’s really not a good practice and there should be no need to do that anyway. At this point if you need to make any camera property changes to the scenes in SketchUp, they won’t appear in LayOut unless you reset the Camera Properties in the SketchUp Model panel. That’s going to create a lot of work for you with those viewports that have dimensions and labels attached. Example of a viewport after the Reset button has been clicked.

To repeat, there’s no need to modify the Camera Properties for the viewports. You can make all the adjustments you need without modifying the viewport.

FWIW, I see a little bit of incorrect tag usage in the SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 10_14_2022 , 4_14_56 PM
And purged unused stuff from the SketchUp file.
Screenshot - 10_14_2022 , 4_15_14 PM
That reduced the SketchUp file size by almost 56%.

I also purged unused stuff from the LO file.



Total file size reduction of over 58%.

Here’s the purged file. I did not correct the viewports so you’ll need to decide what you’re going to do with them.
TURNER_DESIGN PROPOSAL_07.04.22 purged.layout (11.6 MB)

One last comment about your LO document. I would strongly suggest that you create layers for dimensions and labels making sure they are higher in the Layers list than the viewports and I would shift the layers for the viewports, dimensions, and labels to the top of the list. Your title block layers can be at the bottom of the list.


Hi Dave,

thank you for all of your help and advice.

One of the main issues was I couldn’t get good A3 prints. Only vertical lines were good, horizontals and diagonals were like a fine hatch. The colours were lost to various shades of dark. All A4 prints were good.
The issue was the HP print driver. Albeit I removed the printer (HP7740) and reloaded, it still didn’t work. HP have another driver for A3 and 4 that I have now downloaded and everything is fine. Being an A3 printer I expected all drivers to download, but not always the case. As I was only printing A3, I didn’t really figure.

Thanks again.

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