Layout Printing not functioning correctly

Hi. New to Sketchup and Layout. When printing from Layout its very buggy. Here is results of testing.
File- Export to PDF works fine.
File - Print Preview shows huge black blobs all over the image.
File - Print (print to “Microsoft print to PDF” ) truncates the image even if document setup and page setup set to correct page size (A3).
File - Print (print to my actual printer) truncates the same.

It would help if you share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with.

Layout file
Print to pdf file
Print preview screen shot

Redacted file.layout (64.7 KB)
deck plans.pdf (64.0 KB)

Well, I’m not sure why Windows Print to PDF doesn’t like the dashes but I turned off Stroke around the red circles and the rectangle shown selected here. I had to get rid of the dashes in the section line, too.

Print Preview then shows this.

There’s no issue using the built in PDF exporter, though. I have never found any reason to print to PDF or even to print directly from LayOut. I always prefer to export to PDF.

I wonder if @adam would have any ideas.

Actually I had a look again and it seems like there is a bug in print preview when displaying dashed lines. Turning all the dashed lines to solid makes the print preview ok.
I also noted that there was a similar incident reported back in 2019 and the comment on that says its a known bug with print preview. (Layout printout - areas blacked out)
I would have thought that 4 years later Sketchup would have sorted it.

Print Preview is not a SketchUp feature but part of the Windows OS, and even the individual printer drivers are involved. It has never been particularly reliable with complex pages.

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Anssi, First of all if I select an actual printer or select the target as “Microsoft print to PDF” the issue still occurs. Programmatically it might be a Windows feature but as an end user of the product its a feature of Sketchup.

The onus is on Sketchup to fix until they formally provide a comment or proof its not their problem to fix.

Search the forum. I seem to remember this is not the first time Print Preview has been mentioned.

This is a low-quality generic “also-ran” type PDF printer. There are better ones, even for free.

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