Layout printout - areas blacked out

Operating environment:
SketchUp Pro - 2019.2
Windows 10

Sometimes certain areas get totally blacked out when I print a floor plan in Layout. What am I doing incorrectly that is causing this?

This isn’t a new issue caused by the recent update.


Hughes Ln - 50’ RV.layout (430.0 KB) Layout print out.pdf (359.0 KB)

This is what I get when I run Print Preview.

And in a PDF export, I get this:

Looks fine here.

It could be the fact that you have no graphics card (at least that’s what your profile says) or assuming there really is one, there’s an issue with the graphics drivers and maybe updating them would help.

Further looking at your LO file.

There’s a dimension that isn’t connected to the model. Some others are difficult to read.

I see that you have modified the scene in LO which is not a good practice as it disconnect the viewport from the original scene.

It would be better to select the desired scale for the viewport from the Scales list in the SketchUp Model panel (make a custom one if there isn’t an existing scale) and then drag the edges of the viewport to adjust the size of it if needed.

You can also edit the style in SU and change the rendering to Vector.

I replaced the disconnected dimension and changed the font size for the dimensions so they are all the same but otherwise made no changes to the dimensions.

Thanks for your help.

My system does not have a graphics card. System graphics only. I can print fine to a PDF, but going directly to a printer causes the areas being totally blacked out.

Is there a Layout tutorial that provides info on managing the view port? Correctly resizing it is a challenge for me right now.

This image is the preview going directly to the printer.


Even though the preview showed the black out areas, the actual printout is fine. Hmmmm.

Hi all, we have a long standing bug with print preview and it is exactly what you are seeing. This is visible with entities containing anything but solid lines (hidden, dashed, etc…)

Sorry for any confusion this may have caused


We have created a basic online course to get users started with LayOut. While it doesn’t go into too much detail, it covers all the tools and features and is worth reviewing. Specifically ‘Course 4 - Working with References’

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