Pie Menu - New Extension

Thank you, very detailed, it will help me a lot to find and fix the error.
BTW, I’m testing a new feature to pin the docks of pie menu to ruby ​​tools, here’s a clip of it:

@westsalish how about Command Memory feature inside Pie Menu?


I just released a new update with new a feature History Commands :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Remember recently used commands and call them out quickly via keyboard shortcuts.
Usage is similar to switching between open apps on macOS (Command + Tab) or Window (Alt + Tab).

Memorize all the commands of the plugins (on the toolbar, in the context menu, or in the menus: Extensions, Draw, Window…) and most of the native tools.

Hope you like it!


The update instructions are a bit confusing to me. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing:

  1. Export your menus.
  2. Un-install and close SketchUp.
  3. Re-install Curic Pie Menu, then restart SketchUp.
  4. Load your exported menus.