Pie Menu - New Extension

Thank you, very detailed, it will help me a lot to find and fix the error.
BTW, I’m testing a new feature to pin the docks of pie menu to ruby ​​tools, here’s a clip of it:

@westsalish how about Command Memory feature inside Pie Menu?


I just released a new update with new a feature History Commands :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Remember recently used commands and call them out quickly via keyboard shortcuts.
Usage is similar to switching between open apps on macOS (Command + Tab) or Window (Alt + Tab).

Memorize all the commands of the plugins (on the toolbar, in the context menu, or in the menus: Extensions, Draw, Window…) and most of the native tools.

Hope you like it!


The update instructions are a bit confusing to me. Let me know if there’s something I’m missing:

  1. Export your menus.
  2. Un-install and close SketchUp.
  3. Re-install Curic Pie Menu, then restart SketchUp.
  4. Load your exported menus.

I still am not 100% sure how to update without losing my menus, but now there is a new problem.

I work on a laptop, and will sometimes use a much larger monitor with it. I built the menus using the larger monitor and now when I’m on the laptop screen, the buttons are off the screen or stacked on top of each other like a child pushed their stuff under their bed while they were cleaning their room.

Probably a display scaling issue in Windows, the maximum is 150%

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Load your exported menus (To replace the existing menu in SketchUp, make sure they have the same name)

Let’s try to change the size of Pie Menu (Context menu > Settings > Size)

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Yea, that works!

Can not find demo or trial version!

I bought Pie Menu and it seems to work well. I am just wondering what are the yellow icons?

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‘Missing’ commands / tools.

Check the YouTube tutorial I link to earlier in the thread.

I checked that video although it was very long. So it is missing links, but the question is why they are missing in the first place?

You must not have the tools that the buttons link to.

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Because the extension comes preloaded with a menu.

Just remove the missing.


Got it… in this case, the developer better not assume that everyone has all the tools and extensions he has. He better only use shortcuts for native tools to avoid the problem, though its not big deal once you learn about it.

My take on this is that it’s probably deliberate to draw our attention to the fact that we ourselves could end up with missing commands/tools because we might disable/remove an extension. And so drawing attention to it at install means we will know about it…

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Bug Splat upon menu hotkey. Frequent, but inconsistent.

That also make sense … but maybe a warning about it in advance could have been appreciate it to avoid confusions.

Works real smooth for me now!