Curic Pie Menus - Plug-in Specific Menu Sets!

Hey everyone! Thought it might be good if someone feels the gumption to share the menus they have created using Curic’s new pie menu extension here.

I plan on making one for Medeek BIM + his electrical plugin. I’m just not sure how to organize the several dozen buttons he has. I will be posting the menu this evening Lord willing!

I own several of Curic’s extensions and I love his UI design. I haven’t bought Pie menus yet, though it interests me. I’ve tried radial menus both with my 3DX mouse and Wacom tablet, and it’s still a tossup for me if they increase productivity or not.

I’ll be curious to see how people are using this version and whether the additional features push the utility over that threshold.

Running into some issues. Adding a menu for Medeek’s stuff crashes SketchUp when I try to open the menu.

Well, I got a Medeek BIM + Electrical Working.

Sorry, it took so long. I’ve been quite distracted!