Curic Pie Menu

Has anyone installed the @curic4su Pie Menu?

Is it restricted to only Curic extensions or can native SketchUp commands be included?

Is it any good?

I have installed it and it is pretty good.

Hi ther,

Thank you for the information … i didn’t know it was available
… it seems it’s not free … ?


No it’s not free but I’d be happy to pay if I found it useful…

Does it only work with Curic extensions?

I think it does. I don’t know because I already had the curic extensions installed when I got it.
But it works and you can add any functionality to it.
I have problems with curics DCUI extension. That is not working at all.

hey @curic4su does your Pie Menu allow other SketchUp native and other plugin commands / tools to use the pie menu?

Yep! It working with other extensions and native commands/tools


Apart from one bug that I’ve encountered so far and reported, this extension is impressive!

What I didn’t expect and makes the extension even better is the ability to set the 1 to 9 keys as shortcuts when the pie menu is invoked!

All we need now is for Trimble to make the Layout API available so that we can get some equally impressive extensions for Layout!

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Hi, The official version has been released: Pie Menu - New Extension

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hi, how do i set the numeral shortcuts,please.

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awesome, thank you!!!