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After I set “cut” to F3 & “paste in place” to F4 I then added them to a Space Mouse radial menu. No modifiers so it’s an easy keystroke for those not using the Connexion mouse.

Pie Menu is the missing part of the 3Dconnexion “disability” advantage.

Almost had a menu set up for Medeek BIM, it took maybe 15 minutes. Now the pie menu plug-in freezes SketchUp evey time I open it.

Anyhow. I have re-installed it and will be trying again. But for mow, does anyone know what these missing tools are in the view menu?

13 minutes in the missing tools are addressed…

Click on Watch on Youtube when the Video unavailable pops up

Hello. First of all: super plugin. :+1: great work.

Almost all the plugins I use showup in the setup menu of pie menu and can be easily transferred into the pie menus, but the thea render and skatter symbols don’t show up: am I doing something wrong ?



From what Curic has said, I think toolbars that are not currently showing in the Pie could be addressed in future updates…

thanks for your reply. I read something like that as well, but was a little confused beacuse skatter and thea do have toolbars with icons.

I just updated to the new version 1.0.9!

@simoncbevans, some Edit functions have added

@fdreise, the bug fixed, now Skatter and Thea are available on Pie Menu.

Check it out!

Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 17.07.16


:grin: :+1: Awesome ! I just tested it and it works like a charm. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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Hi @curic4su,

Updated Pie Menu to v1.0.9 today and having this problem…


Downgraded to v1.0.82 and ruby console does not open on startup.

I uninstalled v1.0.82 and then re-installed v1.0.9 and the ruby console opens and spews a load of dialog.

The last several lines are…

C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/curic_stretch/Lib/ttfunk/table/post/format10.rb:5: warning: already initialized constant TTFunk::Table::Post::Format10::POSTSCRIPT_GLYPHS
C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/curic_se/Lib/ttfunk/table/post/format10.rb:5: warning: previous definition of POSTSCRIPT_GLYPHS was here
C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/curic_stretch/Lib/ttfunk/table/sbix.rb:11: warning: already initialized constant TTFunk::Table::Sbix::BitmapData
C:/Users/Paul/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Plugins/curic_se/Lib/ttfunk/table/sbix.rb:11: warning: previous definition of BitmapData was here
c:/users/paul/appdata/roaming/sketchup/sketchup 2021/sketchup/plugins/!curic_piemenu/override.rbe:351: warning: Using the last argument as keyword parameters is deprecated
“Can not load Curic Helpper!”
“Can not load Curic Helpper!”

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Same thing here, not the same text. Getting blasted w code.

A mistake when releasing in debug mode :sweat_smile:


Thanks @curic4su for the update regarding the debug mode.

I’m having another issue which I think is related to the Pie Menu.

The DIO Utils toolbar disappears when I activate the Pie Menu…


Hi, DIO Utils is floating toolbar and only display when you are using DIO tools. So you can drag it to any position on screen to quickly pick them.

I have the utility toolbar set up as part of my “Draw” Pie menu. If I also open the toolbar in the usual manner, always open, they work as one. The toolbar doesn’t disappear as it does in the gif.

I’ve never had the utility toolbar “float” up when I’ve clicked on a DIO tool, so I prefer that it be on the PieMenu or be part of the toolbars.

Before the Pie Menu my setup was that I had the Drawing Tools toolbar on. Without any drawing tool active the DIO Utils toolbar was not visible. When I activate a tool the DIO Utils toolbar appears while the tool is active then disappears when not using a tool - this is my expected behaviour…

Some testing has revealed that (for me), when the Drawing Tools toolbar is not on, when I activate a tool the DIO Utils toolbar does not appear…

For me, the whole point of the Pie Menu was that I could have a workspace that wasn’t cluttered with toolbars. If I include the Drawing Tools in with the Pie Menu (and the DIO Utils toolbar is not on) then activating a tool via the Pie Menu does not bring up the DIO Utils toolbar - as I would have expected.

Actually, Pie menu does bring up DIO Utils randomly but then it disappears…

I can turn the DIO Utils toolbar on directly via View>Toolbars but this turns the toolbar on permanently - it never disappears.

This floating toolbar must be Windows behaviour, only. I find that having the utilities on the PieMenu is the best Mac alternative.

When you bring up the utilities toolbar in your last video the middle two buttons are, “live”. Have you ever been able to use those buttons ?

Yes they are ‘live’ but it seems a little buggy for me - sometimes when Pie Menu is active and the DIO Utils toolbar pops up, if I click on the trowel tool the tool sometimes won’t activate and sometime it is active.

Other than this so far so good - maybe I’ll just have to have the Drawing Tools toolbar on for my expected toolbar behaviour.

With the Drawing Tools toolbar off, this is what happens…

  1. Native select tool is active (no toolbars are on)
  2. Activate the Pie
  3. Click the trowel tool
  4. DIO Utils toolbar does not appear
  5. Activate the Pie while the trowel tool is still active
  6. The DIO Utils toolbar appears
  7. Deactivate the Pie
  8. Trowel tool active and DIO Utils toolbar visible and live
  9. Use the trowel tool
  10. Perform some other SU model edit
  11. Activate the Pie - DIO Utils disappears
  12. Go back to 3…
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When I use the Pie Menu the DOI toolbar functions +/- 80% of the time, with regard to the trowel tool appearing after a face has been drawn. Then I must bring up the Pie, again, to choose the trowel tool.

I don’t have the problem that you describe of the Trowel tool not working after choosing it from the Pie.

Frustrating since I have not had this problem before, when the toolbars were open from the View Menu.

Also, there is a conflict between Pie Menu & Eneroth’s Tool Memory. The pop-up “toolbar” still appears but it does not connect with the actual tools. Curic, please fix when you can, Tool Memory is another extension I would rather not Sketchup without.

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