Photo textures distorted

Hi everyone. I am having issues with Exporting a Sketchup obj textured with a Photo texture (2048x2048, keeping to the power of 2 ) image. soon as I export the image from Sketchup using Sketchup2xplane and then look at the OBJ in the WED preview window the position of the texture texture looks different as in it moves, kinda distorted. When firing up X-plane it looks as it did in WED.
Have included 2 photos. Can anyone shed light on this please.
This is just an experimental obj hence why not fancy.
Many thanks


I had not heard of WED! Downloaded it to give it a try, and will see if I get the same distortion.

Can you share your test file? Otherwise the best we can do is guess…

Sure. What is a test file, ?.

The file you just used to test this… the file that you showed pictures of… can you share that file? The .skp?

window.dae (9.1 KB)
window.skp (2.7 MB)
opethis helps.

Looks to me as if the distortion you are seeing matches the original image you imported. This is what the original image looks like.

You could apply some correction in an external image editor before importing it to use as a texture in your model.

Thanks Dave, but the second image i dowloaded (look up a few comments), shows the Image totally different in WED and then in x-plane 11. The image looks totally different, thats what I mean by dostorted. I maybe never explained myself very well ,:(. I assumed the photo texture put on the face would then be exactly the same in x-plane. John

Upload your original image.

Today was more expensive than I planned. I tried the WED app, but couldn’t figure it out. So I bought X-Plane. I happened to do that on perhaps the day they released X-Plane 12. I’m in touch with their support to see whether me buying v11 after v12 was release, gives me v12, or at least if I can pay the difference between the old price and the new price. Would be a shame to pay $30 for a version that has been superseded, then pay $60 to get the current version!

I didn’t yet figure out how to load a model into X-Plane. I don’t mind if you x-plane that to me!

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Sketchup exports the skp file by way of sketchup2xplane Extension as a obj file. That then is copied into the custom scenery airport folder that you want to open up obj. Then in WED open up the local obj on left and place obj in airport by selecting obj file you placed in cust scenery airport folder. Then under file, save- then check x-plane version under file, then lastly under file select export x-plane or words to that effect. Run x-plane and obj should open just as it was textured in Sketchup although in my case it doesnt. Appreciate you going extra mile to help.

Thanks, I’ll try to follow your directions.

I happen to live right next door to Boulder airport, and see in the system that only one persons has tried to add that. I flew into the airport in v11, and some things seem not right! Would be nice if I could update it using SketchUp.

Did you get anywhere Aaron (theonlyAaron) with files I sent you. ?

Be more than happy to help you Dave if your stuck. Im not an expert by any means hencec why I am having difficuilty, but if I can I will


Do you know how to unzip a file? Right click on file > Extract Here
Unzip this file ( and then import ‘window (2).obj’ into your WED and see if the texture is OK. (184.3 KB)

I tested the .OBJ file by importing it into Blender, and the texture is not distorted.

I exported the .OBJ file from SketchUp Make 2017

You shared a .SKP file and a .DAE file, but you were talking about the need for an .OBJ file. Are you actually trying to import a .DAE file?

Thanks for that Mihai.s. Yes to unzipping so will go & try your file, Iam using 2017 so that’s all good. As for the Dae file, wasn’t sure what that was. If ithe su2017 file works for me will I be able to compare the 2files & see where I am going wrong ?.
Get back to you.

What ver of WED are you using mohair.s. Tried your Obj file & is shows under Local, but it doesn’t show up in the object pane of WED, so nothing can be placed into Airport. Jk

You should update your forum profile with the correct info…

Mina I.s it seems The file you sent me has be created in ver 2022, because I converted it back to a Skp file & tried to put it back into SketchUp but got message created in newer version ?.

How do I do that ?Tweenulzeven, am new to this forum.

John. You have two accounts here, @Johnboy991 and @john991 account are like personalities, one is fine, two or more is concerning :slight_smile:

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click on your icon top right, then preferences.

then on the left side, you’ll have a “profile” section. here you can fill in your profile infos.

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