Photo textures distorted

Click on the green circle with the J in it (your avatar) in the right top corner of this page.
then click on the person (preferences) then on the gear (preferences) then on profile…

yeh did that and got this

yeh I have an Ipad so must have made an error there. how do I delete the wrong 1 ?

Sorry, I don’t know how to do it on an iPad…
There are lots of people here that do so probably someone will tell you soon…

You still don’t have your profile correct. SketchUp 2017 is not SketchUp Free (web).

That`s profile sorted now. Thanks DaveR

Well, one of them anyway. Maybe an administrator can remove the other one.

You never did share the original image as I asked.

I did share .skp file few posts back, that not what you was meaning ?John

I wrote:

I was asking for the image you originally imported into SketchUp for the texture.

oh sorry ow I Gotchya.

The image shows distortion is present even before you get started in SketchUp. As I suggested yesterday, you should fix that before you go into SketchUp. Better would be to get a decent straight-on shot without the distortion at all.

Would distorting the texture in SketchUp followed by making the texture unique work? That would, I understand, preserve your tweaks to the mapping.

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Hi anssi. distortion is maybe not the right word. if you look to the first 2 images I submitted 1/32 you will see that the smaller image below the larger is what Sketchup exports as a obj file for x-plane 11. It is not so much distorted but infact totally not resembling the image I started out with exporting it into wed & then x-plane. The slight distortion in the larger skp file is just me quickly putting the photo texture onto the faces quickly in Sketchup because I was experimenting before modelling a house for x-plane.
so my conondrum is how do I model a shape, be it a box, place a photo texture onto 1 or more faces (power of 2 rule & only 1 Texture file) before then exporting it into WED & then x-plane s a OBJ file without it changing its apearance.?

This is something I’ve seen in multiple 3D packages when sending across photo matched textures (enscape for 1)
Not sure if it is a bug or if SketchUp uses some non standard UV parameters - usually I just right click the faces and choose “make unique” that will make it display correctly

Hi everyone . I have sussed out my problem…I totally did not understand the process as I failed to place the Texture PNG File into the Custom Scenery/custom Airport that I wanted to add the Obj into X-Plane via WED, I had only been putting the OBJ File in, once I realised that it worked :smile: .
Thanks guys for taking time to try & help, it was much Appreciated :ok_hand: thanks.