Distorted render picture (Make 2017 & Twilight Render)

Hello all,
i do have a strange issue using Make 2017, Twilight Render Plugin and Windows 9.
In case i add a picture texture to an object i am getting a distorted render results.
See pictures below.
Can someone give a hint how to solve this?
I only do have this issues while using foto textures.

Sketchup view:

Rendered image:

Have you used the match photo to put those images on there by any chance?

Yes you are correct, i used matched photo (file → import → matched photo).
Is this a known issue?

I’ve seen the same thing in other renderers, I think it’s down to how SketchUp handles the UVs on these.

THe quickest solution I’ve found is to selection the face that has an issue, right click and choose make unique texture. You have to do that for each face that is distorted.

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Cool, thank you! That worked!

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