Twighlight render problem on paving

Any ideas why I am having an issue with twilight render not rendering the paving as polished concrete. It is coming out a dark grey. There will be shade in this area but this is just block colour.
Any ideas please?

ps. I have uploaded the screenshots…please let me know if you cannot view

Many Thanks
Jason Sutton
All Seasons Landscapes

Upload a screenshot with the Face Style set to Monochrome. Very likely you have the back face up for the concrete.

excuse my ignorance lol…what is face style and where do I find it?

View menu. Face Style.

BTW, please correct your forum profile. It is out of date and some fields are not correct. The SketchUp version is SketchUp 2022, the operating system is Windows 11. Also put in the model of the graphics card.

I currentlu use sketchup 23 and will update shortly…I use 22 only because I normally get along with this render software lol

Well, I would have expected the monochrome view from the same camera position. Your screenshot does show a lot of exposed blue back faces. They need to be reversed.

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