Performance and Saving Issues


We are using SketchUp for Schools and for the most part, it is a great application. However, we are finding that the bigger the model, the more issues we have (slow, can’t move/paint items) and eventually, any new changes can’t be saved (get’s an Aw, Snap page in Chrome). Students with large projects are getting frustrated by the slow loads and then losing work when it won’t/can’t save.

All the students have MacBook Pros with the latest version of Chrome (76), Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 and macOS 10.14.1-6. They save to their G Suite Google Drives and seem to start getting issues on any models over 200mb.

I have read in other blog posts (like this one) that this seems to be a common theme with larger models. Has anyone found a fix or anything that can improve this issue? Is it a limitation of the browser or internet bandwidth?

Any tips, tricks or fixes are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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