Severe Lag - Google Chrome - SketchUp for Schools

We regularly use SketchUp for Schools in our middle school tech program and lately, randomly throughout the day we are dealing with severe lag that makes SketchUp for Schools basically unusable. This usually effects about 10-15 computers at a time. Multiple hands go up and endless complaints from students about how awful it is. During these laggy periods we’ve tested our up/down internet speed and it’s normal, cleared cache, restarted, turned on/off hardware acceleration, logged out of everything we can think of. We are using Google Chrome on iMacs. We prefer Chrome as our district uses the Google ecosystem. Switching to Safari fixes this most of the time.

Anyone else dealing with this or know a fix?


Hi @jsmall, thanks for the post. I am not familiar with the behavior you are describing but I can ask our resedent expert @Tori_SU is she has any ideas and report back once I know more.

In the meantime, can you share a model that is lagging?Sometimes we are able to glean some additional insights from the file. Hopefully we can get this figured out quickly and get you back up and running smoothly.