Sketchup For School Not Saving

Hello, I work IT for a school district that currently uses Sketchup for schools.
The students use Sketchup on their chromebooks and I’ve had some reported issues on projects not saving.
The issue we have found is that when the user saves their work, the preview of the project in google drive will show the changes made, (I.E. adding a number or something random to a project) but the project when opened will not show the changes made. Sometimes students might be losing a couple hours of work. The weird part about the issue is, that every now and again, the work might show up anywhere from 2 hours later all the way to maybe 36 hours later. There’s really no rhyme or reason to it happening. I tried having the users do the “Save as” function instead of just saving, but the issue caused by that is that it creates a duplicate file even when you select the previous file to overwrite. This causes issues as the students and the teacher have trouble keeping track of which file is which and sometimes they have even deleted the wrong project.

Any help with this would be appreciated.