Problems Saving to Google Drive in SketchUp for Schools

Some of my students are saving their projects to their Drive, and then when they go to open them up the next day, the project is gone. I had them search in drive using the file name thinking that they saved to the wrong drive folder, but there is no record of them ever saving anything sketchup related

Hi @dkohlmann,

If you can answer the following questions I can look into what might be causing this issue:

What email domain are you logging in with?
What browser and version are you using?
Do you have administrative privileges for your district?
Does you district have Google Classroom enabled?
Does your admin have the same email domain as your users?



I’m having a similar problem with some of my students. Files have gone missing after saving. Also sometimes changes to a file are only retained on the computer they were working on. They do not see their last changes if they open the file on a different computer.

Our email is for teachers and students. Admin is the same.
We have Google Classroom enabled.
I have limited admin privileges. Resetting passwords only.
Google Chrome: 61.03163.100


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