Can't save to Google Drive from Sketchup For Schools

My students were all logged into their Google Accounts today and SOME were able to save one file. They logged out of their Google Accounts and left when class was over, then new students logged into their accounts on the same computers and tried saving their projects but it wouldn’t allow them to do so. It wouldn’t let us change the name, choose a folder, etc. If we clicked on Save or Save As, it would take us to a window that would show us options for Google Drive, but we couldn’t click on anything. None of the students in my 2nd class could save a project. As their teacher, I had the exact same problem and am unable to save. I checked out Admin settings for Google and Sketchup and everything seems fine. We will have to scrap this project all together if kids aren’t able to save. Please advise. Thanks,


I’m experiencing the same problem. Very frustrating.

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