Error: We're having an issue reaching Google drive

We’re using SketchUp for Schools in my classes. Several students regularly have a problem saving their files. When they click the Save button, they get an Error message that says “We’re having an issue reaching Google Drive. Please download a backup file. While you try that, we’ll be working on this issue.”

This does not affect all students, and I’ve never had the problem (teacher). They are logged into their school Google accounts when this happens.

After some experimenting, I discovered they can save their files using Save As. So there’s a workaround, but it would be great to figure out what’s happening so it can be prevented.

Note: similar to Issue reaching Trimble connect, but that was a different problem.

It is hard to say for sure but it is possible for a student to get this error (but still be able to “Save As”) if the model they are working on has been moved or deleted since being opened. If you are still having the issue, I can investigate some on our end to see if there is a proper bug to fix. At the very least the error message could probably use some work.

I had trouble saving my room model on Sketchup For Schools, first time it has save to my Google Drive, but then it says “Error: We’re having an issue reaching Google Drive. Please download a backup file. While you try that, we’ll be working on this issue.”, I had a problem for the first time but I received an error message for the second time, I hoped if SketchUp Team Member will possibly fix this. Jason Ta-Room #1(3).pdf (82.1 KB)

@glennied Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team is looking into this, and I’m glad that you’ve found a workaround for the time being.

For our knowledge, are your students currently working remotely and relying on home internet connections?

@jason.ta Were you completely unable to save your files?

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My apologies for the delayed reply. I don’t believe the files are being moved or deleted since being opened, but can’t say that with 100% certainty. We are still having this problem, and I’d estimate it affects at least 1/4 of the students. I’m now teaching them a 3-step process: 1) Save, 2) Save As, and 3) Download. We very rarely have to go to the 3rd step. It seems odd that the Save As works when Save doesn’t - that seems to imply it’s more a file name problem than a connection to their Google drives.

My students are all working from home. Connection quality ranges from excellent to poor. For the record, even with poor connections, SketchUp can take a relatively long time (but no more than a couple minutes) to start, but performance is excellent after startup.