Lost Projects----HELP

I am a student in middle school and we are on school from home because of the virus. I have projects my teacher has been assigning and doing on Sketchup web for about 3-4 days on a Chromebook. Suddenly today they all where just gone… like everything. What can I do?

Hope this reply isn’t too late! Assuming you are using SketchUp for Schools, your files are always stored in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive and whatever else happens, you can find them there. Sometimes they can appear missing because:

  • You signed into the wrong version of sketchup. Double check you are using edu.sketchup.com not app.sketchup.com.
  • You signed in with the wrong account. I personally have like 8 microsoft accounts running around on my computer and always seem to pick the wrong one.
  • You signed into SketchUp with Trimble ID (using gmail address) rather than with Google itself. Although this only applies if you’ve been using app.sketchup.com for some reason instead of edu.sketchup.com.
  • Your list of recently edited/opened files (in the home tab) got cleared because you switched computers or cleared your cache. Your files can be found in the Drive/OneDrive tab. I am working on improving the recent files list right now but it will be a few more weeks at least.