Performance Issues

I’ve just started to play with the SketchUp for Schools app for a day or so, and find that it may start out OK when first launched, but develops performance issues that make it unusable. I’m using Firefox on MacOSX 10.11. Any thoughts or suggestions?

My students will be using iMac’s that can boot into MacOSX or Windows 10 depending on their preference.

SU Make v2017 f. Windows x64 & macOS

What are you doing while “playing”? The web application is, of course, totally dependent on the resources it has been given on the server side, while it more or less sends you only the image you see on your screen, so the performance of your own computer ought to be totally irrelevant. I would guess that the performance issues arising would, however, not be much different from the desktop version: Throw in a lot of geometry (beware, for instance, of 3D plant components!) and the display slows down.

I’ve been teaching the students using SU Make for the past 4 years, so I’ll probably have to fall back to that. I’ll see tomorrow, but I think the machines have 2015 or maybe 2014 installed on them. I thought I might look at SUfS, and I the system administrator rather liked the idea of deploying one network app instead of sitting at 6-12 machines, doing an intall on each one.

No, it’s not too much geometry or anything. I’m only up to 18 entities. Closing the browser tab, and then relaunching the app gets to a “do you want to open your unsaved model” dialog, where upon you’re back in business again and performance is restored.

Update edit: It’s been working OK for a hour or so now without the performance issues I was seeing earlier. I’ll keep trying it out.

the desktop version does have a lot more functionality too and runs with the full horse power of the system whereas browser based apps tend to lag a least with bigger models.

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