Sketchup Web Really Slow on Mac Book Pro, just fine on Windows PC

I am just jumping back into using Sketchup now that it is web based and I am experiencing significant lag issues on my Mac.

Issues: When the model is saving Sketchup comes to a complete halt and is not usable. It basically freezes for the minute or so it takes to save the model (very simple model). It is very glitchy especially when moving components around.

Mac details: Mid 2015 MBPro, 2.8 GHz i7, 16gb ram, AMD Radeon R9 graphics card, running on wifi.

When I use my PC to manipulate the model it is just fine. No issues.

PC details: Lenovo thinkpad T470, intel i5 2.6GHz, 8GB ram, intel HD 620, also on wifi.

Any help in diagnosing my issues on the Mac are greatly appreciated.

What web browsers are you using on each device?

I have tried both Chrome and Firefox on the Mac with the same slow results. Both display a message when saving stating that Sketchup is slowing the browser down and ask if I want to shut it down.

On the PC I am using Chrome with good results.

I should mention that both Mac and PC are on the same wifi network.

Edit: Just went out and bought a thunderbolt to ethernet adapter to try and see if connected via ethernet I would improve the speed and nothing. Still same issue.

Hi, I am still having the same issues and can’t seem to find a resolution. This is really impacting my ability to use sketchup. Any help is greatly appreciated.