My less equipped PC handles Sketchup way better than my Mac. Why?

My less equipped PC handles Sketchup way better than my Mac. I’m working on a relatively large Sketchup file which my Mac can’t handle. Sketchup freezes every time I’m trying to open the file. When I open it on my PC there’s no issue. My PC has Win10, a Nvidia Quadro P2000 graphics card, 16GB of RAM and a Intel Core i7 2.2GHz processor. My Mac has Catalina (just upgraded to see if that would help), a Radeon Pro Vega 20 graphics card, 32GB of RAM and a Intel Core i9 2.9GHz processor.
Sketchup 2019.
Both laptops…

Is there a setting or something I just missed? Why is it so much slower on the Mac?

Amongst other reasons, SketchUp on Mac seems to create thumbnails for materials even if the Colors palette is not showing. On Windows the thumbnails are only created if the Materials - In Model tab is expanded. If that is the case, Windows can sometimes take longer to open a file than on Mac.

I have one example LayOut file that I think took over 40 minutes to open on my MacBook Pro, but only a few minutes when opened using Parallels, on the same machine.

I will send you a message, to see if you have a file I can use as a test case.

Thanks! I’ve sent you a WeTransfer link.


Hi Colin
Did you get to download the file?


Yes, I have the file, and I have test results. I want to add to those results before giving them to you. Hopefully will do that later today.

Awesome! Thank you!


I wasn’t able to tell you at the time, but I had tested your file in 2020 as well as 2019, Mac and Windows. Here is the time it took to open the file:

2019 Mac: 4:30
2019 Win: 2:06
2020 Mac < 2 mins
2020 Win: 2:06

I haven’t read anything that explains the reason for the improvement, but my deduction is that on Mac the materials are no longer processed while opening the file if Colors is not showing at the time, like it was already with Windows.

Viewing the file in 2020 also seemed to not lock up so much while you were working.

There are still some issues with complex models if you expand the Windows Materials, in-model, the materials get processed then, and that can lead to long delays. Similar thing happens on Mac if you look at Colors, in-model.

Oh, so you tested the file on SU2020? When will that be released?

So there’s no workaround on 2019?


An hour or so ago.

Awesome!! Thanks a lot!


If you have a Pro subscription already you can install 2020, the subscription covers both. If you have a 2019 classic license, and you are under support, it will have been upgraded to a 2020 license.

I feel sure that fixes in 2020 will not be added into older versions, so no work around for 2019, other than making your model less complicated.

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