Sketchup Pro 2022 very slow on Macbook pro 2021 M1 Max chip


I’m the IT administrator for my company and we’ve been using Sketchup for some years now.

We previously used Windows computer with graphic cards without any issues but following demands from our team, we had to transition to Macbook pro 2021 with the M1 Max chip.

It was at the end of last year and Sketchup was already a bit slow but recently it became very hard for our team to work with Sketchup due to slow opening of the files and freeze when manipulating their work.

For information, we are using Sketchup Pro 2022 and V-Ray. Our Macbook Pro are up to date on MacOS Monteray.

Any advice on how to make it smoother when using Sketchup on a mac please?

Have a nice day!

Do you have an example “slow” file you could share? Do you run SketchUp natively on M1 or does your version of V-Ray require you to run it through Rosetta?


I can’t share an example file right now because the person with the issue went home but he told he has the issue with any 3D files.

We are running Sketchup natively on M1.

Is the problem when V-ray is running or in SketchUp with V-ray off? V-ray on Mac will do all rendering using the CPU, and this will be much slower than on Windows using a suitable NVidia graphics card.


The problem is without using V-ray. I even tried to uninstall V-ray just to be 100% sure and it’s still the same.

3D.skp (64.2 KB)

Here is a random file the person just created and even this tiny file is slow and freezing.

Have you done a standard installation or have you deployed via a 3rd party system?

Do you team keep their files locally or are you saving files to a network drive?


It’s a standard installation. Our team keep their files locally when they are working and then they upload it to a network drive for storage. When they need to work on a file again they download it first to ensure maximum performances.

There is nothing wrong with that specific file that would cause anything strange.

Is this happening to multiple users with this file?

Yes I don’t think the file is special, only the macbook with the m1 chip is struggling.

Users on other devices don’t have the issue.

For information, we had to wipe the macbook completely and reinstall for Sketchup to start working fine again. No issue for now after the reset.

Please share details about your experiences going forward with these installations. We hear stories of slow M1´s, but also people praising it.

Alright, will do !

Atm it’s working better on Macbook M1 than on our Macbook with i9 from 2019 but V-ray rendering is still too slow to our liking. We will probably move back to Windows computer with graphic cards.