Does Sketchup (pro) run on the new M1 Macbook Silicon?

Hi! Last week Apple announced the release of their new macbook pro 13” with the new M1 chip, running on Big Sur. Has anyone tested Sketchup on this device yet?

I’m really curious as to IF Sketchup and Vray run on the M1, and if so, how well it runs!

Check this topic:

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In addition to what Guy says, one of the development managers at SketchUp picked up a 13 inch M1 machine last night, and is reporting better performance on the new computer than on his existing Intel MacBook Pro.


Doesn’t surprise me. The benchmarks have all come back crazy fast. Apple claims the single core performance of the M1 is the worlds fastest. Even with programs written for x86 instruction set and using Rosetta 2 run amazingly fast.

This chip is just the start for Apple. The trajectory of the A series chips projected onto these M series chips will most likely mean each year Apple will be further ahead of the competition.

I really love using Sketchup - but how long will they just write the Mac version for the x86 instruction set? Small companies like Pixelmator with under 30 employees just released a new version that runs on M1’s native code.

If they don’t - someone will.

Shapr3D, currently an iPad only program, will release later this month a Mac version that runs on M1 native code. It will be really interesting to see how fast that runs. I expect it will be alarmingly fast.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.

I receive my new Mac mini in a couple weeks. I’m very interested to see how it runs Sketchup vs. my MacBook with an i9, 32 GB or Ram and a Vega 20 card with 4GB Ram. I expect the Mac mini to run circles around it! I’ll post here the results, but it may be old news by then!


Not just a claim. It’s been benchmarked and reported true countless times this week.


So I’ve been loving using the M1 MacBook Air and everything about the speed is true :computer:. it’s a snappy machine and does things so much quicker in general. As far as Sketchup use, while I’m spoiled by a large iMac Pro w/ a 27" Retina display, the M1 MacBook Air flies through all sort of things like panning around with shadows on :butter: … it does this like no other computer I’ve experienced which is so weird when it’s like 1/5th the cost of the iMac Pro :desktop_computer:. Whether you want to wait for future machine or get the ones available you might be pleasantly surprised :man_technologist:t2:

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