Using MAC for Sketchup

Which are the best options of:

  • processor
  • disc drive
  • system memory
  • graphic cards

for macbookPro to operate with good performance the sketchup programme?

I already use Mac because i use adobe programs( illustrator, photoshop and indesign) and now i am going to start to work with sketchup too.
I need you help because want very good performance. thank you

The current 16" MacBook Pros work very well with SketchUp. No need to worry too much about the individual specs as they don’t differ greatly from the different models in that size range. Obviously more RAM and bigger video card are good, so get what you can afford.

On a side note, Adobe CC runs on Windows as well as it does on macOS.

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The best is a MacBook (including first Air), or iMac WITH M1 processors (Apple Silicon) + 3D software optimized for M1.

Graphic GPU on M1 is fine for 3D (I tested it with optimized 3D software).
The question is 8GB or 16GB. It was not so important at M1 launch, but some professionals think that 16GB is better for performances on important document or with several application launched. I am not sure, I investigate on it.

M2 is rumored for end of the year. M1 is 3 or 4 times faster than latest i5 x4 cores. For example I get a rendering almost 2 times faster with Blender on MacBook Air M1 compared to my new MacBook Pro Intel i5 4 cores with double of RAM… (and double of price, but dedicated to SketchUp 2018).

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Thank you for the help, it is important for me to understand if it will have a good performance!

Yes i bet it does, but when i start to use adobe more than 10years ago, the best performance was Mac and then i get used to it, but i believe now the performance of windows should be equal :wink:

Not for everyone, it seems.

Thanks for the help.
I just need to know the minimum to work very good and have no problem with slow system, problem in rendering and saving because of big sketchup files…

Hello Daniel

Really? When you say new, you are talking about the macbook pro i9?? And came with that problem?? Yes, very strange when they announced that one is the fastest…

He’s referring to the new, entry level, 13" M1 MacBook Pro. The Intel models are not the newest, although Apple still sells them until they replace them with another M chip.

Yes correct, this is the model. If simply zooming in on a line drawing in plan view repeatedly causes the spinning wheel then I think I should return this computer.

What other Mac model laptops are people using with SketchUp? I need laptop for ease of travel to customers, ect.

I said M1 + 3d optimized software (and well developed). Blender alpha 3.0 is M1 optimized. Rhino 7 is now compatible with M1+ Rosetta. Autocad under M1+Rosetta seems to work as I read (user’s feedback).

SketchUp has issues with new MacOs system, and issues with or without M1.

There is a bug since at least SU2018 that I reproduced on an older MacMini Intel with infinite spinning wheel during zoom in operation…

Not so old Intel chipset. I made tests with the laptop Apple offer me, and it is the latest Intel MacBook pro with 10th generation i5.

The power gains on Intel from one generation to the next are minimal since years.
From what I have read, Intel is now lagging behind because it did not invest (underdevelopment…) when it had to and when it was in a leadership position.

Apple is believed to have a big store of power with their technology. M1 is just the start and is already offering dramatic gains on entry level machines. It’s quite rare, but specialists unreservedly recommend the entry-level MacBook Air M1. What is amazing is that it is still quite powerful even without a fan. As the M1 chip does not heat up much, it does not need to be ventilated. On a game (which requires power), we notice a drop in performance of 20% after an hour without ventilation. However, on a rendering that only takes a few minutes, the chip will not have time to heat up. On MacBook pro M1, users notice that ventilation is rare and low.

I am waiting for this machine : )

He was talking about the M1 not the Intel macs. The intel macs are NOT the new models. I already know all about the M chips, you don’t need to explain in huge posts.

We discuss about power comparison between M1 and “older” Intel Mac.

As you know, during the transition period, Apple continue to sell Mac with Intel processor. By “new Intel Mac” I mean computer that are ACTUALLY sold.

Once again I’m 100% aware of this. I even wrote that myself before you arrived. But this is about the M1 Macs which are NEW not the older Intel models which haven’t got the Apple silicon.

got it :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the help!!!

I am using the M1 Mac Mini (Big Sur OS 11.3.1). SketchUp Make works just fine but there are issues with the new Mac OSX compared to the previous Intel models. I am not listing them here but for example, when using the measurement tool or the text box tool, the the numbers and the text are all reversed and upside down!!. See attached screenshot. However, when you save drawings as pdf it corrects them so at least you can send details etc to clients or to yourself etc.

This behavior has been reported on several models of Mac under Big Sur (not just M1, I think, but not all models). It is something Apple did wrong in OpenGL support, not something that changed or was model-specific in SketchUp. You should report it to Apple since only they can fix it.

Surely it woukd bbe more effective if Trimble get apple to fix this. Apple will not respond to 1 individual.

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