Will Sketchup Pro 2019 run on Apple M1 based Macbook?

I’m sure the answer is in here somewhere, but I have been trying for a while, and could not find it.

I’m running Sketchup Pro 2019 on a macbook air, and I want to upgrade to the M1 version. My 2017 machine is dying on me. I also bought Parallels and Windows 10 for my other software, I don’t mind upgrading Parallels, if Sketchup Pro 2019 runs on Parallels/Win 10 on an M1 based computer.

I am NOT a power user, though I am a daily user and it is super critical to my work. I do basic plans, sections and elevations, no VRay, no plugins, no renders… I design music studios, and the attached image shows my typical usage.

I cannot afford to upgrade to the 2021 subscription now. In Indian money and for my situation, my purchase of the 2018 version (now upgraded to 2019) was a substantial investment already.

Hi, Here’s the first time this topic hit the forum…

I did see that… I could not find anything…

AFAIK the M1 Macs cannot run x86 Windows applications through Parallels or Bootcamp.

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I would think that the native Mac x86 version of Sketchup Pro 2019 would run on a M1 Mac (under Apple’s x86 emulation capability). Perhaps an M1 owner could comment?

Yes. I seem to remember that someone reported some graphics glitches, like upside down dimensions. @colin might remember.

Did I misunderstand…? Parallels is compatible with M1 based Macs, as per this link.

Just wanted to add… for my basic use, much older versions of Sketchup could work fine, but I absolutely need the capability to export to .pdf format and import from .dwg format.

Parallels for M1 runs the ARM version of Windows 10. Unfortunately, that has issues with SketchUp.

It’s SketchUp 2017 that shows upside down dimensions text, if you are running to an external monitor. 2019 and 2020 seemed to work ok.

That is very encouraging. Being that I am not a power user and also not very rich, if Sketchup Pro 2019 works on an M1 based Macbook (even with some caveats), I would be happy to make the leap to an M1 based Macbook.

Happy to report that Sketchup Pro 2019 is working fine on my new M1 Macbook Air, through Rosetta. Keep in mind that I use very basic features.