Has anyone been able to run SketchUP 2021 on Parallels/Windows 10 on an M1 Mac?

I’m running an M1 MacBook Pro and Sketchup 2021 works fine on OS X but gives me a graphics card error when I try to run it on Windows 10 via Parallels. I have to run it that way to mate it with a program that is Windows only. Thanks

Have you tried playing with the graphics settings in Preferences / OpenGl ?

I don’t know what Parallels may or may not have done for M1. I can assure you that SketchUp 2021 will run in WIndows 10 using Parallels on an Intel Mac Big Sur, as I do that frequently. Possibilities that occur to me are that Parallels might not have full OpenGL drivers working yet for the M1 graphics hardware or perhaps it’s a Parallels configuration issue.

The problem is you are installing Win 10 Arm not Win 10. You cannot run x86 version of win 10 on M1 chip

That is right. You need to install Windows 10 ARM, from the Windows insider program. In beta as of now.

Thanks so much guys! I have decided that the program I was going to run on windows was not worth using windows. Appreciate the help.

Anything running under Parallels is on a virtual machine, not directly on the native hardware. So this topic leaves me confused about what Parallels M1 provides. I admit I haven’t researched this and don’t have an M1 Mac to try it out. But I’m wondering about what sort and how many rocks are in the way of completing the transition to Parallels on M1. So, correct info from someone who knows and has verified it on real hardware would be much appreciated.

Does Parallels M1 implement a virtual M1 machine? Does/could it run a virtual Intel machine? The original post says the OP had Windows 10 running on Parallels, but that SketchUp complained about the graphics. He couldn’t do that unless either he had the M1 version of Windows 10 or Parallels provided a virtual Intel machine, could he? And if SketchUp got far enough on Windows to complain about the graphics, that would imply that it started up but quit when it couldn’t find acceptable graphics, not that it couldn’t run because of inherent M1 incompatibility.

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As I understand it, or at least, what seems reasonable to me, is that old Parallels should run well enough in Rosetta 2. Wether it then shows Open GL as being recent enough may depend on which version of Parallels it is. I think it wasn’t until Parallels 14 that Open GL was increased beyond v2.

What the M1 version supposedly does is that it will run Windows 10 ARM edition as a native ARM process.

I may get one of the iMacs, but of course wouldn’t see the machine for another few weeks. As you know, SketchUp isn’t supported for VMs, but it would be interesting to see how well it works.

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Oh yes it would be interesting Colin.
Given that I had confirmation on another forum that Parallels now works fine on M1 and runs Windows 10 ARM nicely.

On random computers in the office I maintain Windows 10 on Sketchup and Sketchup Viewer fail with graphics errors. Haven’t found a solution but if you search on it it’s a common problem.

I have read that the ARM version of Windows 10 does not support OpenGL, but then I also read an article on how to get around that! Which I did do in Parallels on the M1 iMac I said I might buy.

Unfortunately, things changed from getting the graphics related crash, to getting the dialog that says that I don’t have hardware acceleration. It could be that the OpenGL hack only works for software and not hardware.

As you know, VMs are not supported for SketchUp, but what was interesting me is that if SketchUp could work in the ARM Windows 10 that supports 64 bit x86 apps, that owners of ARM based PCs could use SketchUp in a similar way to how the Mac x86 version can work on an M1 macOS system.


I think that could be interesting:


link allo Store

Since my post in June Parallels 17 was released, and it does work with OpenGL apps now.

Have you tried Sketchup Pro with Parallels 17?

I have on my M1 Max MacBook Pro. Seems to work well. I have Parallels running Windows 11.

Hi, every time i try to open a sketchup file in Parallels Win 11 I get a bug splat. Opens fine on Mac (Macbook pro M1)

Would anyone have any advice please? I can create new sketchup projects and model fine in Parallels, just not this file.

The file i’m trying to open is pretty big:

FYI, I would prefer to work in windows because I’m between home and office a lot (currently self isolating) and I use a tonne of extensions which I like to have set up the same on both machines.

Can you edit the link to allow access?

Sorry Colin, I thought it was already. Try this?

or this

FYI I found that I can open it by saving to desktop, starting a new project and using File>Open.

However the lines are not nicely rendered and there are no options for OpenGL settings. Are there any ways to improve the rendering? I have set high texture render and anti-alias to On