Operating environment limitation of SketchUp

I am completely new to Sketchup but plan to purchase Pro and I want to be able to use it on a new Macbook Pro so I can take it to different physical locations where I would use it. I had planned to set up the new Macbook Pro with something like Parallels so I could also use many of my Windows programs also. However, I read that SketchUp will not work under Parallels. Does this mean that I am out of luck with using SketchUp on the Macbook Pro? Or does it mean that I simply must load the SketchUp into the Mac portion of the operating system and not utilize Parallels when using SketchUp. I want to use SketchUp but I don’t want to haul around multiple laptops just in order to do so. Maybe some of you could tell or advise me on how to accomplish this. Thanks a lot. jmageean

(Maybe a stupid answer because I don’t know Mac, but…)
there’s an OS X version of SketchUp?

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I have run SketchUp under Parallels on my MBP Retina, mainly for testing out extensions and for teaching/demos when the people in the class have PCs not Macs. There are enough silly differences in the GUI that this can be important when teaching. But for my everyday work I always use the native OS X version (yes @Cotty, there is one!).

I have versions 2014-2016 currently installed and running under Parallels. On Retina, there are occasional glitches when Windows SketchUp doesn’t understand the screen scaling, but they affect only a few items and are usually are not an issue. One thing I would point out, though, is that Parallels supports OpenGL 2.1, whereas most other systems have moved on to at least 3.0. I haven’t seen problems yet due to that, but I haven’t pushed things very far because I don’t need massive complex models for teaching.


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