SketchUP Pro 2021 Crash in Win10 with Parallel Desktop

I am using M1 Macbook air. And it keeps crashing when I open SketchUp in Win 10 with Parallel Desktop.
Is there any support for this issue?

Probably because there is no graphic card.
Why do you want to run Windows on the M1?

Officially, VM (Virtual environments) are not supported

Thanks for your reply. I am switching it to windows to see if there is any difference in terms of using SketchUp. I can run SketchUp for Mac on a M1 macbook air, but it loading forever when I use some extension, such as Soap Skin Bubble. Just trying to see if the same problem happens with Win version.

I think that Parallels on M1 uses the Arm version of Windows. That doesn’t support OpenGL, so SketchUp won’t work.

What specific action in that extension is troublesome, exactly?

It crashes for me as well. Pretty sure Mike has the right answer. Here’s an interesting article though, that suggests that Microsoft are going to add a compatibility layer to solve the problem:

I found that OpenCL add-on in the Microsoft Store, and installed it. Now, instead of getting to the welcome screen and then crashing when starting a new document, SketchUp immediately shows a hardware acceleration error. I think that means OpenGL is working, but maybe only in software mode.

when using generate soap bubble

interesting, hope it will be solved soon. This could be a big issue for designers with new Macs