Sketchup pro 2021 & mac book pro 16' m1

Good evening
I have the new macbook pro 16’ M1 and still i have it, sketchup is really really slow (even with light file as 50 Mo)
I don’t understand why and that is especially if i have 3d warehouse object…( i never download them directly and i do composent if i need more than one) …

when i use LAYOUT that is awful!! impossible to manage the scale if the file has 3D wharehouse objects…that is slow slow slow

This evening i decide to reinstall sketchup but it is more or less the same…
do you have an idea about what to do please!!
PS : to charge my file from icloud is a big mess as well if > 50 Mo
Thank you in advance for your help

A file of 50 Megs is relatively big for me. If it has a lot of geometries and you are using a demanding rendering style with profiles, shadows and textures, it may be taxing your system.

Try a lighter style with no profiles, no shadows, no texture to see if the problem persist or if the model is more manageable.

Some 3D Warehouse model are quite heavy, like 3D plants, some cars, etc.

Are you still using 2021, as you say in your profile? The 2022 version works natively for M1 machines, and should seem a lot faster.

Even if you are using 2022 it would be worth downloading and installing again, because we updated 2022 after you downloaded it last night. This should give you the new installer:

It won’t be any faster than 2022.0, but it does have several worthwhile fixes in it.

thank you for your answer. I do what you said (no shadow no texture )…otherwise i can’t work anymore! but indeed i have a lot of 3D warehouse plants… (i close the balise to work most of the time) i am desappointed to have a ferrari as a computer and to drive with 2CV…

Oh thank you Colin, it seems to be much more better… let’s see after a day of use to be sure :wink:

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