Slow and laggy operation in SketchUp Pro 22.0.353 & Macbook Pro M1

Dear community,

I have a SketchUp Pro 22.0.353 running on Macbook M1 Pro with16GB Ram.
I’ve opened a file of a gallery space, which seems to be very simple and weighs only 8Mb.
As I ‘walk’ and ‘zoom’ through the space, everything seems to work smoothly, but when i try to import some images (less than 200kb) and then try to ‘move’ or ‘rotate’ them, it lags a lot and works very slowly. almost impossible. The same happens with drawing lines, using measuring tapes, and working with simple objects from the 3D Warehouse.

On my friend’s PC, everything runs smoothly.

Does anyone familiar with this Mac problem and can kindly recommend a solution?

Thanks in advance,


Same issue here. Unsustainably slow! I’ve been a Sketchup Pro user for several years and have never experienced such sluggishness.