Low performance of sketchup on mac pro with os monterey

hello, I’m French. I’m working on the pro version of sketchup, the 22.0.353 on a MAC PRO with intel xeon w 12 core processor, clocked at 3.3Mhz. My graphics card is an AMD RADEON PRO 580x 8GB. My problem is that on large projects, the software has a lot of trouble working. Does anyone have a tip to help me increase the performance of Sketchup? Thanks in advance…

With a very complex model (millions of edges and faces) SketchUp will slow noticeably on any computer. Turning off compute-intensive features such as profiles and shadows will help, as will switching off tags or hiding via the outliner for things that are not within the field of view. Purging components, materials, etc that are not being used will reduce file size, and that will in turn reduce save and load time.

Beyond that, the best answer is to avoid creating such immense models in the first place. Avoid decorative items containing fine details that won’t be visible in the required scenes and consider using textures to simulate details that aren’t essential to the model structure. Download objects from the 3D Warehouse into a separate file and examine them for excessive complexity and irrelevant content (e.g. interior parts of an object when only the exterior will be visible) before loading them into the main model.

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please define large :slight_smile:
how big (in term of metric size), how big (in term of geometry, lines, faces…) and how heavy ?

At some point, regardless of the computing power of your machine, SU will hit a wall (like the sound barrier).
Having trouble with a file, for example, carrying 10 million polygons would be normal, with a 100 000 polygon file, it wouldn’t.
And both these files could be called “large” by user, depending on what they’re used to :slight_smile:

When my models get big and sluggish, which all of them do, I copy / paste in place to a new file just those specific objects I’m working with / modeling. Obviously, much much quicker. When I complete that aspect, I then copy / paste in place back into the consolidated model file. I could end up with fifty files on some models with one master file. And, yes, I get lost between files sometimes.

I’m working with a MacBook M1 Max Pro with external 27" monitor.

Hello, thank you for your responses. For example, the project I’m working on right now has 5 814 659 edges and 3 610 494 faces. It strongly resembles the majority of my other projects. Before working on Mac, i was working on windows and sketchup worked much faster. The idea was to know if someone would have the same problem as me and if they would have found a trick to improve the functioning of the software. Thank you…

That is a truly enormous model. All similar ones I have seen have been results of bad modelling practices, usually indiscriminate insertion of “pretty” entourage elements (3D plants, cars, people, stuffed furniture, textiles etc. from the 3D Warehouse) that are irrelevant to the actual model.


It sounds like you have to improve your workflow…

The project Im currently modeling shows 4.167 million edges and just over 2 million faces. Just for comparison.