Sketchup2022 is slow on mac m1 when opening a big size file

I have a warehouse 3d modeling file which is really hard to open and revise in sketchup on my mac m1

The models in 3D Warehouse, let say not always “optimal”. Most of the time you need to consider that the model you downloading is bloated with unused components, perhaps with too big textures, lot of unnecessary details and so on. Perhaps the model is uploaded by non experienced user.

There are some advise here, how to improve the performance of your model:
Improving Performance | SketchUp Help

My main advises to use styles where the edge profiles are switched of, and display in shaded mode (without textures) or even use monochrome style.

You can also share your model, and someone in a forum can check it and advise specifically. (Big models can be shared uploading to cloud services like Wetransfer, Dropbox, Onedrive, GoogleDrive…ect. and post a link pointing to that file.)

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